Latest Release: Seduction on Beast Mountain

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This is the ‘boxed set’ of the 3 “Beast Mountain” short stories.


Past and future collide when a modern woman takes on an ancient legend. But who is seducing who?

Contains 3 paranormal erotica short stories.

“Seducing the Woodsman”: I’ve never fit in with the residents of my village. It was very much the land that time forgot, consumed by tradition and a haunting story of a beast. A monster that stalked the forests every full moon.

When I returned for my father’s funeral, the old legend was the last thing on my mind. I was distracted by my attraction to John. A woodcutter. His thick muscles and brute strength aroused me like no other, even though I’d promised my mother I wouldn’t cause another scandal.

But I figured one night alone with him wouldn’t hurt anything. No one would have to know.

Except it was the full moon. And the old legend is more than just a story…

Seducing the Woodsman is a 5,400 word erotic paranormal short story.

“Seducing the Beast”: My brother and I made the choice to live alone forever rather than risking passing on our family’s curse. The bloodline of the beast will end with this generation.

But on this last full moon, I awoke with blood on my lips and a woman in my home.

She isn’t afraid of me. She should be. And she tempts me beyond measure. I want to take her. Claim her as mine.

Even though that is the worst risk of all…

Seducing the Beast is an 8,600 word paranormal erotica short story.

“Seducing the Witch”: I couldn’t believe that my brother broke his vow. The curse of the Beast was supposed to end with our generation, but now he’s married. And his wife is pregnant.

So you can imagine I wasn’t too thrilled when he asked me to return home. But it seems there may be a way to end the curse once and for all–thanks to a local witch. Her help doesn’t come for free, however.

It involves a sexy ritual with the witch’s heir. Not that I’m about to complain after I get my first glimpse of Maria. But one night with her might not be enough.

Even though the magic doesn’t go quite the way anyone planned…

Seducing the Witch is a 9,700 word paranormal erotica short story.

Seduction on Beast Mountain is available now on Amazon.

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