Secrets and Lies

/ March 18, 2017 /
Title: Secrets and Lies
Published by: Kasey Ho
Release Date: March 9, 2017
Genre: ,
Pages: 25


I never promised them to be faithful, but when my lovers discover that they've been sharing me without their knowledge, the reaction isn't exactly what I expected.

For one thing, it seems that I wasn't the only one who was keeping secrets.

Both Christopher and Jason aren't exactly human... they're bear shifters. And they've come up with a sexy competition to decide who's going to win me once and for all.

Secrets and Lies is a 7,500 word paranormal erotica short story with multiple partners.

I was nearly ready to leave my apartment when my phone began to buzz. A quick glance at the screen told me that I had a text message from Christopher.

A small shiver ran down my spine, but I ignored it—and the message. I couldn’t spare a thought for him now, not when I was getting ready to go see Jason.

See, that’s how I manage to keep my naughty little secret.

Neither man in my life knows about the other. I make sure of that. Jason lives in town so I see him during the week and Christopher lives on a ranch just out of the city, so he usually only can come to visit on the weekends.

It works out well enough. Most of the time.

I do feel a tiny bit guilty about it, though I suppose I have no reason to feel that way. It isn’t as if either of them could be called a significant other—just fuck buddies in the best sense of the term.

And I’d certainly never promised either of them that I would be faithful.

But I wasn’t about to waste time dwelling upon that now. I was already running late. I grabbed my high heels and raced out of the apartment barefoot. Since I never wore anything beneath my dress, I didn’t have to worry about tearing delicate stockings on the hard pavement as I headed to my car.

I was feeling a bit more anxious than usual to see Jason. It had been two weeks since our last encounter, due to the fact that he’d been out of the country for a business trip. My pussy was already dripping wet from anticipation.

The run from my car to his building was a little problematic. The paving in the parking lot was older, worn and rough on my bare skin. I ignored the minor annoyance, racing along as fast as my tight skirt would let me.

I paused just outside his door to put my heels on. Jason definitely has a weakness for the sky-high stilettos, which I find nearly impossible to walk in.

Fortunately, I knew I wasn’t going to be spending a lot of time walking—or even standing—once I was inside his place.

He opened the door almost before I could knock on it. Without giving me a chance to speak a single word, he drew me into the space, pinning me up against the door as it closed. His mouth was on mine, devouring my lips, as his hands were everywhere over my body.

He let out a low, satisfied growl when he realized I wasn’t wearing anything under my dress. Jason dropped to his knees, pressing one hand against my stomach to hold me against the wall as he began to lift my skirt. “I’m starving for you, Erica. It’s been far too long.”

I shivered and spread my legs. He lifted one of them over his shoulder, opening me wider for him.

He ran a single finger along the lips of my pussy. Drew back and sucked off my juices off his skin.

I'd never known how sexy that gesture could be until the first time that I'd been with him. Maybe because it was so obvious that he enjoyed my taste.

Or maybe what made it so erotic was the knowledge of what would come next.

Jason leaned in and licked at my clit. Light teasing strokes that made my whole body vibrate with need. Then he began to devour me...

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