Seducing the Beast

/ December 13, 2016 /
Title: Seducing the Beast
Series: Beast Mountain #2
Published by: Self-published
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Genre: ,
Pages: 35


My brother and I made the choice to live alone forever rather than risking passing on our family's curse. The bloodline of the beast will end with this generation.

But on this last full moon, I awoke with blood on my lips and a woman in my home.

She isn't afraid of me. She should be. And she tempts me beyond measure. I want to take her. Claim her as mine.

Even though that is the worst risk of all...

Seducing the Beast is a 8,600 word paranormal erotica short story.


“I’m sorry things had to be this way.”

I couldn’t resist touching her again, placing my hand on her bare shoulder. There was a faint scratch where it joined her upper arm, but I couldn’t see any other obvious wounds. Nor did I smell serious amounts of blood on her, dried or otherwise.

She glanced at my hand, then up at my face once more. Her lips parted but no sound came out.

I wanted to taste them. To see if they were as luscious as they looked.

Temptation grew too strong.

I bent down and kissed her.

She stiffened, but her gasp of surprise parted her lips still further, allowing me to plunge my tongue between them.

Damn. She was amazing.

I could get intoxicated by her taste alone.

She shuddered and the scent of her arousal spiked as her mouth softened beneath mine. Her tongue snaked up to trace against mine in a gentle welcome.

Lust hit me hard and it felt like my cock might burst through my trousers. I wanted to push her down onto the hard cell floor, spread her legs and mounting her like the animal, the beast, that I tried so hard not to be. A creature of pure lust. Plowing into her soft body again and again until we were both shaking with release.

This wasn’t right. More than that, it was both Heaven and Hell at the same time.

Heaven with the way she felt, the way she tasted. The silky feel of her corset rubbing against my bare chest. Knowing that it was the only barrier between me and her breasts. And there was the sweetness of her lips, the richness of her taste on my tongue.

But this was Hell too. Because I was this close to ignoring my long-held vow. Breaking a promise that had no good reason to be broken. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was still under the influence of the full moon, as my control seemed to border on that which I possessed while I was in my monstrous form.

Which was almost no control at all.

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