Seducing the Woodsman

/ December 13, 2016 /
Title: Seducing the Woodsman
Series: Beast Mountain #1
Published by: Self-Published
Release Date: August 15, 2016
Genre: ,
Pages: 22


I've never fit in with the residents of my village. It was very much the land that time forgot, consumed by tradition and a haunting story of a beast. A monster that stalked the forests every full moon.

When I returned for my father's funeral, the old legend was the last thing on my mind. I was distracted by my attraction to John. A woodcutter. His thick muscles and brute strength aroused me like no other, even though I'd promised my mother I wouldn't cause another scandal.

But I figured one night alone with him wouldn't hurt anything. No one would have to know.

Except it was the full moon. And the old legend is more than just a story...

Seducing the Woodsman is a 5,400 word erotic paranormal short story.


I promised Mother that I wouldn’t make a spectacle of myself when I returned home for Father’s funeral, but I think I would have been better off promising to give her the moon.

Even though my prim all-black skirt and blouse would have been considered downright nun’s wear outside of this tiny little town, I still generated a lot of stares and whispers as I passed, riding on the back of the old grocer’s cart as he came back from one of his market day visits to the nearest large town.

There were no cars here. No cell signal. And forget about computers or anything remotely resembling the internet.

This was the land that time forgot.

At least the clopping of the horses’ hooves and the rattling of the ancient wheels drowned out everyone’s conversation.

I didn’t need to hear what they were saying.

I already knew.

I was a scandal to them in every sense of the word. Only boys were supposed to leave home in order to seek better lives elsewhere. Girls were supposed to get married at sixteen and dedicate their lives to serving their husbands and raising as many children as possible.

It was bad enough I’d refused several marriage offers, staying in the village school until they finally threatened to kick me out.

Then I’d actually had the nerve to go to college. And to follow that by getting a job.

After all, who knew what wicked things I must have learned out in the big, bad world. I certainly wouldn’t be considered proper marriage material any longer. I’m sure they also assumed I was also wanton. A whore.

I’m not a virgin. I didn’t wait for marriage like they expected all girls to do. But I’m not easy.. College had taught me to be choosy about my partners. That even sex can become boring if it’s done in excess, especially when the guy only cares about his pleasure.

As we made our way past the far borders of the village, where my family’s tiny farm sat next to the edge of the nearby forest, a large group of young men emerged from the trees.

All shirtless, their powerful bodies gleaming with the sweat of their exertions.

They were the woodsmen. Rough, uncouth young men who spent most of their lives cutting down trees for firewood and the village’s occasional construction projects. Even in this rural land, they were relatively low in social status. Several of my marriage offers had come from them, but those had been readily rejected by my parents, whether I’d liked the man or not.

They’d wanted a better match for me. At least one of the merchants’ sons, if not someone even higher.

I was very glad for my sunglasses. The dark lenses hid the way I watched the woodsmen and my long skirt helped to disguise the way I had to cross my legs. My pussy was pulsing and wet. I’d always had a weakness for these men.

So big. So strong. So primal.

So very different from the college boys I’d ended up fucking. Not even the jocks could come close to wielding the sort of raw power that these working men possessed.

One of them paused and stared at me.

He wasn’t someone I recognized. I could only assume he had moved into the village after I’d left, though I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to do that.

He was definitely gorgeous and there was a touch of wickedness in his smile that made me shiver. Another surge of need flooded my pussy and my hardened nipples began to chafe within the confines of my bra.

I wanted him.

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