Andre and the Lycan

/ October 12, 2019 /
Cover for short erotic story "Andre and the Lycan. Vampire biting neck of woman. Title: Andre and the Lycan
Series: Lilith's Bloodlines #4
Published by: Kasey Ho
Release Date: October 9, 2018
Genre: ,
Pages: 51

I had known that my time as one of Lady Lilith's favorites could not last forever. She would always have new companions. Younger males who could intrigue her in a way that I could not.

But I didn't expect her to send me away.

She said it was a mission that she could entrust to no one else of her bloodline. An attempt to negotiate an alliance with the age old enemies of our kind: the werewolves. Or lycans, as they liked to call themselves. I knew Lilith wanted the treaty to protect the vampires of her line against the increasing attacks from another vampire's followers.

I was prepared to meet with a monster. I wasn't prepared for the most beautiful female that I'd ever met.

Jenna. Lycan female. Emissary for her pack. Though she bristles and snarls at me, I know that the attraction is not at all one-sided.

I must have her. I will have her. But I had no idea that bedding a lycan--and tasting her blood--would leave this very old vampire altered forever...

I dressed with care, but not merely for the sake of appearances. Tucked under my suit coat, I had a pair of small, snub-nosed revolvers.

Loaded with silver bullets.

I don’t know what I expected, but it was not the sight that greeted me as soon as it was safe for me to go up on deck. The other boat was a rickety thing. Even to my eyes, it did not appear very sea-worthy, and I wondered at the choice of its use.

Then all of my attention was caught by a woman standing on the deck, one foot already on the railing of my vessel. The nearly-full moon illuminated her almost as completely as if it were daylight.

I glanced up at the sky to make certain. The moon was indeed very close to its largest phase, but a tiny sliver seemed to be missing.

My gaze could not be torn away from the woman for long.

She would have been a striking sight under any circumstances.

Very tall, easily over six feet. Her long, shapely legs were encased in a pair of skin-tight leather pants and boots that looked more suited for riding a motorcycle—or a horse—than to walk upon a rocking boat. I could think of something else I would very much like to have her ride.

Her smooth, perfect skin was nearly a pale as any vampire’s. Her blouse hugged her torso, clinging to her large breasts and tiny waist. And her eyes were blue. As deep and dark as the depths that were currently surrounding us on all sides.

My cock instantly hardened.

I wanted to believe that she had to be human and not the creature that I had been waiting for. She looked so ordinary. Beautiful, but nothing about her appearance hinted at the animal that was supposed to be inside her.

Until she caught sight of me and her full lips curled into a snarl. “I smell silver on you. Is that your idea of coming in peace, bloodsucker?”

I heard the sharp gasps of my lady’s servants. They, like all of those who served in Lilith’s household, had come from families with long-standing histories of serving vampires. They treated us as something just short of royalty, and it was likely that it had never entered their heads that anyone else would dare speak to one of my kind with such blatant disrespect.

I couldn’t say that I was offended, however. In fact, for the first time since I had left my lady’s household, I felt like laughing out loud. “I am taking the same precautions that you are, my lady.” The title rolled easily off my tongue, though it didn’t escape my notice that she appeared a bit startled by it. I supposed that couldn’t be all that unusual. With their reputation, the lycans would not have anyone serving them in the way that vampires did. “Or did you think that I would not see the wooden stake you have tucked into your belt?”

Her fine nose lifted ever so slightly as her nostrils flared again. “The metal is not the only offensive scent about you. I am not a potential meal.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised that she had picked up on the scent of my desire. Nor that she knew enough of my kind to be aware that our feeding could often be very sexual in nature. But I was, somehow.

Yet the slight tremor in her defiant voice, and the way those blue eyes darkened further, made it clear that the attraction between us might not be as one-sided as she would wish it to be. “My apologies. It is a part of my nature, I fear.”


I knew she did not mean that as a compliment yet could not stop the grin that turned up my lips. “Thank you.”

She started to say something but paused and bit her lip instead. Drawing my gaze to its full and lush shape, despite the faint growl rumbling from her direction.

I forced myself to look beyond her, to see if I had perhaps offended her male with my obvious attraction and interest. It was impossible for a female such as this to be unattached.

Or so I assumed.

And yet… there was no sign of any other.

Not even anyone to run her ship.

She appeared to be completely alone.

Her posture sharpened, her slender shoulders straightening and her chin raising. As if she thought her pride could deflect any unwanted queries. “I am called Jenna. The alpha of the Crimson Sky Pack has asked me to come here to hear your proposal.”

I bowed, an old courtly gesture that I had never forgotten how to do, though it was something I no longer had to do on a regular basis. But something about her… Even though it hadn’t missed my notice that she’d chosen to only give her first name and nothing more. “Andre Baudin. I have been sent here on behalf of my Lady Lilith.”

Her lips twitched. “Ah, the vampire’s little Napoleon. I have heard many… interesting things about you.”

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