Victoria and the Soldier

/ September 14, 2017 /
Title: Victoria and the Soldier
Series: Lilith's Bloodlines #2
Published by: Kasey Ho
Release Date: April 6, 2017
Genre: ,
Pages: 32


I owe Lilith my life. I would do anything for her. After I was turned and abandoned by the vampire who made me, she took me under her wing. Taught me everything I need to know to survive this new life. How to seduce. How to feed. And most importantly, how to walk away...

Now she's found another vampire who was abandoned like I was. A soldier named Austin. And she needs me to train him, just as I was once trained by her.

I never imagined that I could feel so close to someone I barely even knew. Nor did I realize that our benefactor had more than just 'training' in mind when she brought us together...



I lay back on the strange bed, naked and trying to hide my eagerness. After more than two centuries, I had learned a lot about men. And this one definitely wanted to be the hunter. Wanted to be the one who convinced his ‘innocent’ partner to do more than she thought she should.

I let my gaze run down his body and my mouth watered. He was well-built, muscular—he’d made a point of telling me how many hours he spent at the gym—and nicely well-endowed. Too bad the cruelty in his smile was ruining the effect.

Still, beggars couldn’t be choosers. Nor could a vampire who desperately needed to feed be all that picky about her partners. I wasn’t starving, in that sense, but I had a very important reason to keep myself better fed than most.

“Come on, baby.” His voice jolted me back to the present moment. He reached down and stroked one hand over his cock. It swelled and thickened and he looked at me like he expected me to be impressed. Maybe even scared.

“I don’t know about this.” I fell back into my role naturally, after so much practice.

“You know you want it.” He reached between my legs, sliding his fingers in the wetness of my pussy. “See?’

I moaned and bit my lip as if I were torn between desire and worry. "But you said you don't have—"

“I’m safe.”

“I’m not on the pill.” I let my voice drop into an uncertain whisper, but of course, I was telling him the absolute truth. He didn’t know that birth control of any sort was unnecessary. This was, once again, just a part of the role I had assumed. Matching what I showed with what he wanted. “This is a bad time for me.”

“I’ll pull out.” He climbed up between my legs, guiding the tip of his hard-on against my flesh.

I bit back another small cry.  He might be a jerk, but he had all the right equipment. And it did feel good. “Oh. Okay.”

He slid into me then with one hard thrust. “So tight, baby.”

I cried out, wrapping my arms around his broad shoulders. “You’re too big.”

Those were exactly the right words, aimed straight at his ego. He let out a groan and began to pump into me.

This sensation…. it was still everything that was amazing to me.

The feel of being filled. Stretched. Complete. The slight friction, the slick glide. The sense that I had taken his heartbeat inside me, with the way his flesh pulsed in that old and ancient rhythm.

I let my head fall back against the pillows as I lifted my hips in time with his. I knew some vampires who claimed that sex had become old for them, some of whom were far younger than I was.

Maybe because this still had the sense of the forbidden for me. That I was doing something so naughty. So wrong.

I had been born in a time when women were supposed to save themselves for marriage. Not only that, but they were not supposed to enjoy sex. It was a duty. A way to produce heirs for their husband.

Nothing more.

That was what made this so delicious now.

The freedom to have what I wanted, to take whatever I needed to survive and enjoy myself while doing it.

The man’s thick cock sawed in and out of my entrance. The slick friction, the feel of him pulsing with heat and life… I contracted around him without trying, my body responding in the most natural of ways.

He was not going to last nearly as long as I normally would have liked. I could already feel him getting thicker and stiffer, throbbing harder as he prepared to spill his seed.
I pressed one hand to his chest. “Don’t forget to pull out,” I whispered.

He groaned and I felt him get even harder. It was clear he was also getting turned on by doing something he knew he shouldn’t. Or thought he shouldn’t.


He lifted my legs over my shoulders, folding me nearly in two so that I was completely at his mercy. In this position, I could do nothing but yield to every deep thrust as he moved faster and faster. “Dean, please.”

He let out a growl and tightened his grip on me.

I felt the first spurts of his cum inside me, already spilling even though he was still moving. “Pull out!”

“Fuck that.” He groaned and stiffened against me. I felt the warmth of his seed flood my insides.

Lost in his climax, he didn’t notice as I used my strength to rearrange our bodies as I wished, wrapping my legs around his waist instead of draping them over his shoulders so I could get closer. His neck was arched and his throat exposed. The pulse point there fluttered wildly with his orgasm.

I rose up just enough… and bit him.

He made a small, surprised sound, but I quickly took control of his mind as well. Soothing him as I drank from him. I began to cum too, my orgasm triggered partly from the feel of him still hard inside me, and partly from the thrill of a successful hunt. My pussy clenched around him again and again, and I felt his thoughts move away from what I was doing with my mouth to what he was feeling around his cock.

He was lost in the pleasure, the satisfaction of his own release and having brought me to my own. Or so I let him think.

Once I’d had my fill, I carefully licked the small puncture wounds I’d created. Cleaning up every last trace of blood that had spilled. It would be too difficult to explain away.
He looked down at me, a rather dazed expression in his eyes. And for a moment, I wondered if I had taken too much and made him lightheaded as a result. “What just happened?”

He sounded a bit confused but showed no other signs of excess blood loss. It was time for me to play my part again. “You just came inside me, you bastard. After you promised to pull out.” I shoved at his chest and he moved out of the way, and I pretend not to notice that the smirk was back on his face.

“Sorry, babe. Couldn’t help it. Your pussy was just too tight and felt too fucking good.”

I had heard this excuse far too many times for me to think it was meant to be a compliment. “And maybe you would have been able to last better, if only you didn’t have the self-control of a horny virgin.”


I grabbed my clothing and stormed out of the room. Every word, every action had been chosen specifically to provoke his anger. It would make it that much easier to keep him from realizing what had actually happened. Though I had used magic to make him forget the actual bite, I wasn’t always entirely sure of myself when it came to the spells.

It always helps to have a backup plan.

It seemed I had put on enough of a show and that I had, indeed, judged him correctly. He was not making any attempt to chase after me, to make any more pathetic excuses about what had happened. Or rather, what he thought had happened.

He was probably happy to see it in this way. Perhaps even confident that he actually had knocked me up.

I’d had men say that to my face before, during times like this. Certain that I would change my tune once the pregnancy test came back positive, that I would crawl back to them, begging for their help.

Of course, none of them knew the truth. That none of them could ever get me pregnant.

I dressed with more speed than I normally allowed myself, but I wasn’t worried that he might catch me. As I headed out of the apartment, taking care to slam the door behind me for more dramatic effect, I reached into my purse and checked the disposable cell phone I kept for one purpose and one purpose only.

Somehow, I wasn’t surprised to see a message there, even though it had been months since the last time she had contacted me. The text was made of just four words: I need you now.

It was a good thing I had just fed very well. I was going to need all the strength I could get.


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