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Victoria and the Soldier

/ September 14, 2017


I owe Lilith my life. I would do anything for her. After I was turned and abandoned by the vampire who made me, she took me under her wing. Taught me everything I need to know to survive this new life. How to seduce. How to feed. And most importantly, how to walk away...

Now she's found another vampire who was abandoned like I was. A soldier named Austin. And she needs me to train him, just as I was once trained by her.

I never imagined that I could feel so close to someone I barely even knew. Nor did I realize that our benefactor had more than just 'training' in mind when she brought us together...

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Christine and the Phantom

/ October 12, 2019

I come from a long line of human servants working in the household of the great vampire, Lady Lilith. I've seen things that make it impossible for me to remain ignorant of passion, though I've never experienced it for myself. Until one day, my mistress sends me on a most extraordinary quest. To Paris and its opera house, where a legend may be more truth than fiction...

Due to the threats to her bloodline, Lilith must make sure all of her vampires are aware of the danger. Including one who has cut himself off from her and the rest of the world: Erik. And I'm the one who is to be the messenger.

More than our names parallel that old story and I cannot deny the instant attraction between us burns hotter than anything I've ever imagined. But he despises the very vampire I've dedicated my life to serving. And he has also sworn to never turn a woman himself.

Even though I've made it clear that I only want to be with him.


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Andre and the Lycan

/ October 12, 2019
Cover for short erotic story "Andre and the Lycan. Vampire biting neck of woman.

I had known that my time as one of Lady Lilith's favorites could not last forever. She would always have new companions. Younger males who could intrigue her in a way that I could not.

But I didn't expect her to send me away.

She said it was a mission that she could entrust to no one else of her bloodline. An attempt to negotiate an alliance with the age old enemies of our kind: the werewolves. Or lycans, as they liked to call themselves. I knew Lilith wanted the treaty to protect the vampires of her line against the increasing attacks from another vampire's followers.

I was prepared to meet with a monster. I wasn't prepared for the most beautiful female that I'd ever met.

Jenna. Lycan female. Emissary for her pack. Though she bristles and snarls at me, I know that the attraction is not at all one-sided.

I must have her. I will have her. But I had no idea that bedding a lycan--and tasting her blood--would leave this very old vampire altered forever...

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Lilith and the Fallen Angel

/ May 28, 2024


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