Chasing Owen

/ December 13, 2016 /
Title: Chasing Owen
Series: Heat Run #2
Published by: Self-Published
Release Date: August 11, 2016
Genre: ,
Pages: 33


It was wrong for me to want Owen. He was promised to my twin sister, Helen. But I couldn't help myself.

And when their mating ceremony goes awry, I'm more than willing to take her place. After all, she's not the only wolf-shifter who's in heat.

But does he want me for me, or am I just a convenient substitute? One that just happens to look exactly like the woman he really wants...

Chasing Owen is an 8,300 word erotic paranormal short story. Though it is the sequel to Heat Run, it follows a different set of characters and could be read as a stand-alone.


“Owen, wait!”

He hesitated, but did not turn. “What do you want, Helen?”

I raced forward, skidding to a halt in front of him. Making sure to block his path. Reached out to touch his arm. He recoiled a bit, but did not pull away. “I-I’m sorry.”

“Are you really?” He squinted a bit and I could smell the heavy reek of alcohol that clung to his skin. Perhaps that affected his sense of smell too. Maybe that was why he didn’t seem to realize I wasn’t Helen.


He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. “Then prove it.”

My heart raced. I should have told him the truth then, but I couldn’t. My throat had gone dry at the same moment my pussy flooded.

I’d never been this close to him before.

Down here, there was less evidence of booze to distract from his naturally enticing scent. My face was about at the level of his groin and I noticed the way the front of his jeans was beginning to move.

And the way something behind the thick fabric began to grow in a very distinct way.

I swallowed hard.

I knew his response wasn’t actually for me, but damn it, just this once, I wanted what my sister usually had.

He seemed to be waiting for something.

I had no experience with men, not like this. So I stared up at him, trying to understand. He sighed and started to turn away. “I knew you wouldn’t.”

Wait. This position. His body. Did he want me to… touch him?

I reached out and ran my fingers down the front of his jeans. He froze and the scent of his lust intensified.

I did it again.

Despite the denim, I could feel the way his cock pulsed. Responding to my touch.

It was a heady sensation.

I pressed my face against that bulge, inhaling deep of his amazing scent. He cupped his hands around my head. Holding me there. And I began to get a better idea of what he wanted. Something I’d only heard about in whispers.

Turning ever so slightly, I brushed my lips against the denim, following the line of his distended fly. Owen let out a low growl and reached for his zipper. Lowered it.

I slipped my hand inside. He was naked under the denim and I could grab his cock. It was so warm. So hard. Pulsing against my palm. I curled my fingers around him, stroking him. Feeling the way the soft skin seemed to slide over the hard core.

This was beyond anything I had ever imagined.

I had to taste him.

Ran my tongue from the base of his hard-on up to the tip. Then did it again. Exploring him the way I’d only dreamed of doing before, during those long lonely nights when I’d lain alone and touched myself while thinking about him.

He thrust his fingers through my hair, tugging slightly so I had to look up at him again. His eyes were dark with need, his nostrils flaring as he took in the scent of my arousal. “Is that true, Helen?”

“Hmmm?” I didn’t even know I’d said anything.

“Do you really fantasize about me at night?” His voice turned hoarse, breaking on the words. “And--”

The need in his face, in his voice, made it easy to forget that he still didn’t seem to know who I was. That it wasn’t my sister kneeling at his feet, with her hands on his cock. But at the same time, it gave me the freedom to be brave. To say things and do things I would normally never have the courage to do. “Yes.”

“Show me. Let me see you touch yourself.”

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