Runaway Wolf

/ March 7, 2017 /
Title: Runaway Wolf
Series: Heat Run #3
Published by: Kasey Ho
Release Date: 03/01/2017
Genre: ,
Pages: 31


My alpha, along with my father, had planned my heat run oh, so carefully. The only mistake they made was in the choice of my future mate.

Now he's dead and I'm on the run, a fugitive from pack justice. But my heat cycle is attracting unwanted attention, especially from a pair of notorious rogue wolf-shifters.

The Smith brothers. They've claimed a territory larger than any pack has in history, but neither of them has ever taken a mate. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to remain under their protection. But will they still want me once the frenzied lust of the heat run has worn off?

Runaway Wolf is a 7,000-word paranormal erotica short story containing scenes with multiple partners. Though it is a sequel to "Heat Run" and "Chasing Owen," it details the adventures of a different group of wolf-shifters and can be read as a stand-alone.

I was still at the height of my heat cycle and the need to be mated was very strong. It was a distraction I couldn’t afford.

Shortly after sundown, I paused to take stock of where I was. I could tell by the scents around me that I was not in a defined territory of any known pack. Instead, I had somehow made my way into a place that most wolves avoided at all costs.
There had long been rumors about this place. Fearfully whispered reasons for why it had gone unclaimed.
But turning back wasn’t an option.
A small rustle in the bushes made my ears prick up to full alert. But before I could decipher what it was or where it was coming from, there was a blur of motion. A flash of teeth and fur.
Something large slammed into my side and I went tumbling. A massive paw on my throat kept me from rising again, and I found myself staring up at two of the largest wolves I had ever seen.
A tremor raced through me, one that wasn’t entirely motivated by fear.
I should’ve been terrified.
I had heard about these two but had always considered them something like the bogeymen of human children's tales. Nightmarish creatures dreamed up to keep a young one in line with what society expected of them.
The Smith brothers.
Despite their commonplace and rather innocuous last name, these two were not just rogues. They were something more.
Somehow, with just the two of them, they had managed to control the territory larger than the one claimed by my own—though we had been considered one of the largest packs in the region—plus a couple of others.
They had never claimed a female, as far as anyone knew. But that did not mean that their seed had not passed on to many others. It was said that any female who strayed too far from her territory risk being captured and impregnated by these two, only to be then sent back in disgrace back to their home territories.
Of course, I didn’t have a territory to return to, but it would be much harder to keep running as a rogue if I had to do it with a swollen belly.

I couldn’t let them have their way. But I also didn’t know how I could possibly escape

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