Heat Run

/ December 13, 2016 /
Title: Heat Run
Series: Heat Run #1
Published by: Self-Published
Release Date: August 8, 2016
Genre: ,
Pages: 34


I knew it was wrong to tease them, but I couldn't help it. I enjoyed the attention too much and I counted on my position as the alpha's daughter to keep me safe. And it did.

Then it was announced that I was to have my 'heat run,' the ceremony which would officially make me the mate of the son of a neighboring pack's alpha. But it seems that some of my former admirers aren't willing to let me go so easily.

Even if that means going rogue...

Heat Run is a 9,00 word erotic paranormal short story. Contains scenes with multiple partners.


I twirled and writhed through the crowd, taking special care to linger with those whom I knew wanted me the most. Let them touch me and run their hands over my body. I knew they could feel how hard my nipples were through the thin fabric of my dress, could smell how wet and ready I was.

But that wetness also gave me an excuse to pull away, telling them how this was a bad time for me.

Hormones, I told them.

It was true enough, but I needed more than touching. I needed one of the guys I knew I could control.

That’s how I ended up dancing with Sawyer.

He had always been my favorite, despite the fact that being with him would be the most forbidden act of all. Sawyer was not only the lowest-ranking male in my father’s pack but his background made him stand out from the ordinary shifters.

Because he had not been born a wolf. He was that rarest of creatures, a human that had survived being mauled by a rogue, only to have his body and his very blood change from the incident. But he couldn’t control his shift the way the rest of us could. His wolf-form was completely dictated by the phases of the moon.

In human terms, he was a werewolf.

He had been attacked when he was sixteen. After his recovery, he’d developed the traits that would mark him as an outsider in the human world, forced to live on the edges of their society until he found his way into our pack when he was nineteen.

That was just over a year ago now.

I couldn’t say he was any better accepted in the shifter world. Most packs won’t let in rogues that are born-shifters, much less one that had been made in that way. They saw the existence of those ‘werewolves’ as proof of our failings as a race. That we were not always as in control of the animal within as we wanted to believe.

But his status meant he was also the least likely to risk angering my father, by taking me without permission. He didn’t want to be cast out of the pack, wandering the world as an unwanted rogue again.

That was what made him perfect to play with.

I grabbed him by the hand and we slipped away from the bonfire. My fires were raging hotter than the ones we had just been dancing around, so I shoved him up against the closest tree, standing on tiptoe to grind my hips against his as I devoured his mouth.

The scent of his lust spiked and he growled against my lips. He spun me about, pinning me against the rough bark. Hiked one of my legs over his hip, sliding his fingers along my thigh. I was naked under my dress, and it wasn’t long before he discovered that.

Sawyer growled again. He drove his hips up against me, that impressive bulge in his jeans getting coated with my juices.

He broke the kiss. His eyes were wild, reminiscent of the way he looked just before the full moon. I was the only one who knew that expression. I was the only one in the pack who had ever been present during those nights.

No one else had dared to approach him then. Not even my father.

We had run together in our wolf-forms on those nights, just the two of us. He’d never once made me feel unsafe. Or gave me the sense that I might not be able to control him, somehow.

Until now.

 I shivered and flattened my palms against his chest. Though he could have easily overpowered me, he let me push him away.

That was a small reassurance. “Sawyer, we--”

He pressed his hand against my pussy, tracing his fingers along my soaked flesh. “I need to be inside you, Helen.”

Oh, I was so tempted. And it wasn’t something that could be blamed on just the building heat hormones coursing through my veins.

Not that I would ever admit that. “We can’t. It’s too dangerous. Especially now.”

He groaned, the sound one of real pain and frustration. “I know.”

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